Frizzy hair – effective battle

 Frizzy hair – it’s causes and characteristics

Our hair can actually cause us a lot of trouble and hassle. There are many reasons why that happens. Some hair related issues are connected with serious health problems e.g. diseases like alopecia areata or thyroid disorders. Those examples may cause substantial hair thinning and hair loss, and are thus the extreme examples. Other problems are less complex, and are simply connected to our everyday hair-care routine. Think for example of the way you treat your hair – ask yourself the following questions: what kind of hair care products do you use, and are they specifically dedicated for your hair type/texture? Do they help your hair adjust to outside weather conditions? What kind of hair care procedures do you execute and what tools and techniques do you use? These are just one of the few basic questions, and answering them may tell you a lot about your hair condition. Read on to find out how to treat and eliminate irritating frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair generally results from inappropriate drying methods, lack of conditioning and most commonly from improper levels of moisture. Of course, the reasons behind frizzy hair can be much more complicated, depending on the person and their hair quality. So what is frizzy hair? To begin with, Frizzy hair usually has defined features. In other words, frizziness eliminates the original flowing shape and curls of the hair. The locks are usually puffy and rough, and the usual smoothness is gone. Your hair tends to stick up and generally look bad and unnatural, distorting the hairstyle significantly. Many compare frizzy hair to bed hair! So what can you do to effectively tackle such problems?

Frizzy hair – effective fighting

Luckily, nowadays there are many ways to successfully combat frizzy hair. First and foremost, you need to work on preventing your hair from absorbing humidity. To do that you should use proper hair care products that stop your hair from absorbing moisture. Shampoos, conditioners, foams, waxes etc. are all existing products on the current market which can contain anti-moisture substances, ultimately protecting your hair from humidity. Silicone substances are probably products that are the most effective at allowing moisture resistance. Although keep in mind that products with too much silicone particles can leave your hair greasy and heavy. The ratio should be balanced, and the products themselves should not be over-used. Secondly, its crucial to use smoothing cosmetics. This way you can make your hair regain its original shape. You can also find those at professional drugstores or hair salons. Finally, don’t forget about proper hydration. Regular hydration procedures of your hair with dedicated shampoos and conditioners will almost certainly prevent the frizziness effect. These are just some of the few tips – for more extensive and professional advice, feel free to pay a visit to a dedicated hairdresser, who will be willing to help you out with the condition of your hair.

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