Women hair loss – the treatments

Women hair loss – the examples

All diseases have negative impact not only on our body but also on our mental state. Although, at first sight, it may seem that women’s hair loss isn’t a very serious issue, it can actually cause a lot of damage. Hair loss is known to have a huge negative emotional impact, which can result in serious problems with our self-esteem and body perception. Women affected by hair loss suffer because of the appearance effects that hair loss has on them – so the way they perceive themselves and value themselves significantly lowers. If a woman considers herself unattractive, she may lose her self-confidence and have serious problems with her self-image. Women hair loss is therefore a huge mental strain that isn’t easy to approach and treat. It’s even more difficult with cases of hair loss which are caused by women’s psychology and mental state.

Trichotillomania is an important example to mention here. Women hair loss often stems from psychological reasons that are connected with stress. In case of trichotillomania (which often affects more women than men), immense stress makes women develop a habit of compulsively pulling out their own head hair. When experiencing stressful situation or mentally straining circumstances, people affected with trichotillomania feel the irresistible urge to pull out their hair in order to relieve themselves and find peace – indeed it’s a terrible disorder. The act of pulling out their hair gives them satisfaction and pleasure, providing an illusory feeling of control. What’s crucial is that in various cases of trichotillomania, affected persons are well aware of the seriousness of their problem, but the urge is too irresistible to stop, and many consciously don’t want to get rid of the habit. It’s just like an addiction. Satisfaction and pleasure that they experience afterwards are too overpowering. Consequently, the affected people tend to hide their problems and cover hair loss with head bands, scarves or wigs. But this isn’t enough, as they are hiding their disease not treating it.

Women hair loss – the treatments

Women hair loss issues are therefore very difficult to treat. Due to close connection between physical appearance and mental condition, the treatment must be comprehensive. On one hand, hair loss should be effectively treated and, on the other hand a psychological consultation and support should be provided for the sufferer. It’s a vicious cycle, and in order to successfully treat women hair loss, we must balance and carry out the two methods in order to find a solution. Only when we combine them we can count on positive effects and full recovery. So in terms of trichotillomania, the use of hair extensions or hair enhancement procedures works only when they are combined with mental therapies. When women eventually understand that their condition can be cured, and their appearance successfully restored (e.g. through transplants, or use of dedicated hair-restoration products), and they learn to replace their bad habit (e.g. with the use of stress balls) during the cognitive behavioural therapies, then ultimate success will be achieved!

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