No more dyeing

No more dyeing – how to get back the natural colour of your hair?

Dyed hair may look very interesting, and appealing, provided that the hair isn’t damaged. This is why so many millions, or billions of people worldwide opt for dyeing. Unfortunately, if it is done frequently and unprofessionally, hair colouring may ruin your hair. So without a doubt, dyeing should be performed in a professional hairdressing salon – this is even recommended by vast amount of dermatologists. But even if we visit hair salons, and consistently take care of our hair, and yet it still looks bad/damaged; then the answer should be simple:  No more dyeing.

The advantages and disadvantages of permanent hair colouring

We can’t ignore the fact that the biggest advantage of hair dyeing is the ability to conjure up a unique look that we haven’t been gifted with when we were born. Dyed hair can look unimaginable when done right, and it can alter our entire appearance. After all, having a beautiful hair colour, shimmering in the sun is nice, isn’t it?

Hair dyes are therefore our main opportunity to experiment with the look. And women, and men alike love changes not only when it comes to hair length, but also in the colour. But rapid and frequent changes aren’t recommended either – because of the risk of damage to the structure of our hair. However, new innovative styles can benefit our confidence and self-esteem in the long term.

But it’s vital to know that hair dyeing isn’t defect free. Improper colouring can end tragically, and yield multiple negative results: ugly patches on the head, yellow, ginger or green shades, hair damage – these are only some of the side effects you can expect. Sometimes the dyeing/bleaching choices we make can be difficult to reverse, and in worst case scenarios you have to cut down the hair completely.

Frequent hair colouring, even when done professionally and delicately, has an impact on the condition of the hair. Dyed hair requires constant nutrition and moisturising, and our daily hair care must be far greater and intense than would be done with our natural hair.

Another drawback of dyeing are the growth roots, which emerge after weeks or couple of months, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Unfortunately, they don’t look too aesthetically pleasing, so if you want your hair to look seamless at all times, the dyeing process should be repeated often. Though as was mentioned above, this will result in further damage – when it comes to this matter, it’s a vicious cycle.

No more dyeing – where to start?

If we have enough growth roots, and the shade/condition of our hair is unsatisfactory, then we’ll consider the possibility of returning to our natural colour. And for many this is a turning point, whereby they realise that natural hair actually has shade that matches our facial features and the eye frame. Naturals are also much less problematic – they do not require dyeing (thus there’s less exposure to damage), but above all they don’t require as much intensive and time-consuming care and extra healing/recovery treatments that hurt our wallet.

So, a decision is made: no more dyeing. Only… where to start? If the colour of dyed hair does not differ that much from the colour of out original hair colour, then is it worth tightening your teeth and trying to survive the period of regrowth? Answer is simple, yes! If the colours differ extremely, then you could invest in a dye which has the same colour as your natural hair and perform the last procedure. And then we just wait, cutting our hair once in a while to get rid of the damaged, dyed hair. In the meantime, you can invest ombre, so that we can look fashionably as we wait for our natural hair to regrow.

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