Ombre or sombre

Ombre or sombre – how do the two popular methods of hair dyeing differ?

Of course, firstly the names sound similar, for some the colouring effect is also the same. But actually, ombre and sombre are not synonyms at all! These are two very popular and distinct hair dyeing methods, especially for the spring and summer seasons. Only, which one should you choose: ombre or sombre?

Ombre – loved by some, hated by others

Ombre gained in popularity merely a few years ago. It seemed then that it was a temporary fashion. Meanwhile, this method of dyeing is still continuously in line with modern trends. Some people love ombre, and consider it to be extremely effective, and at the same time comfortable, because the hair does not require frequent colouring, compared to wearing a uniform shade of dye. Others, however, say that the ombre looks terrible – like neglected root growth.

Ombre or sombre – similarities and differences

Indeed, improperly made ombre can look unappealing. But there’s a smaller risk of obtaining this effect, and that’s by choosing the sombre option. So what’s the difference between the two methods?

Sombre certainly looks much more natural. The hair brightens with strands starting at the root. The brighter colour does not have to be applied evenly – usually more streaks are applied at level of the face and, of course, approximately at half length of the hair. This is supposed to give the effect of ‘hair brushed by the sun’. One word of advice however, would be not to use contrasting colours, and dyes brighter by a mile from your natural shade. The transitions between colours should be subtle.

On the other hand, in the case of ombre, the strands do not overlap. Regrown roots can be natural. Hair is brightened only from the middle of the hair’s length onwards, evenly, so that the lighter colour can be seen along the hair’s width. The discrepancy between the colour at the base and the colour at the ends is greater than in the case of a sombre, although it shouldn’t be too distinct.

So, which dyeing method should you go for: ombre or sombre?

Both ombre and sombre are the dyeing techniques chosen by world-class stars and celebrities. It is difficult to clearly indicate which is more likeable, fashionable and trendy. Because both brighten the face and add a youthful glow.

Ombre or sombre – when making a choice, you have to remember to choose what would best suit you. It’s ultimately a preference thing as well. If you prefer naturalness and at the same time you don’t want your regrowth to differ much from the rest of your hair, bet on a sombre. If you like changes and you want to find out for yourself if brighter ends are a good idea, try out ombre.

Just remember that this type of dyeing should not be done in a random hair salon. If the hairdresser does not know what ombre or sombre even is, absolutely do not go for that one, especially if the service is offered cheaply. It’s vital to understand that in order to achieve a good hair effect, you need professionals to take care of it. It’s too much of a risk to experiment with random, unresearched and unprofessional salons, or worst of all, trying it for yourself at home if you have no experience.

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