Hair loss clinic

What methods does a hair loss clinic adapt to treat their patients?

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors. Sometimes it’s enough to eliminate the cause itself to solve the problem, for example by altering the diet or fighting depression. Unfortunately, other times solving the underlying issue may be insufficient, and it is necessary to undertake an intensive specialist treatment at a hair loss clinic.

Diseases of the scalp and hair

Treatment of hair loss is often combined with the treatment of skin diseases, especially of the scalp. A trychologist, or ‘hair doctor/specialist’, will examine the condition of the scalp and the hair follicles after the first consultation. Specialist clinics often deal with patients affected by psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and alopecia areata. But it’s good to keep in mind that not all clinics deal with scalp/skin problems, as there are also those that focus exclusively on hair-related issues. This could be because of their licensing, the doctors/experts they hire, their preference etc.

Hair loss clinic – how to find a trustworthy institution?

When looking for the right hair loss clinic, it is worth getting accommodated with the opinion of the doctor or dermatologist we’ve had the opportunity to deal with thus far. They usually have many contacts, business cards, and options stored, and will be able to recommend the best solutions. It is always worth choosing a clinic that enjoys a good reputation. So apart from reaching out to your doctor, or friends who have used the services of that clinic, it is also advisable to read online reviews, posted on the internet by unanimous users. Forums, social medias and website testimonials should also be considered and thoroughly browsed. Such reviews can vary in terms of reliability, but if they share a clarified and intelligent response, then they should be trusted.

It is also worth to sometimes check in with the professionals themselves i.e. part of the workforce and employees. You could give the clinic a call and find out everything to judge if they are genuine, and whether the feedback they give is satisfactory. It is also worth reading about the methods of treatment that a given hair loss clinic has placed in its offer. All specific treatments should be thoroughly described and laid out, either on the website or a leaflet. This means you should be able to find out everything regarding their duration, frequency, atmosphere in which they are performed etc. Usually, most patients appreciate the intimate atmosphere and they don’t want anyone to know about their problem of hair loss and treatment they’re opting for. So, it’s vital that you choose a clinic that will respect you and your individual requirements.

Treatment methods used by a hair loss clinic

Not every hair loss clinic works the same. In most cases the process of pharmacology is adopted (internal – oral / external – scalp treatments), which are supposed to improve skin’s blood circulation, strengthen the follicles and stimulate the growth of new hair. But drugs and relevant treatments may not be a final resolution – sometimes a person needs to improve their own health condition to successfully complete a treatment. This can be done through dieting and meetings with personal trainers and nutrition experts or consultation with a psychiatrist regarding mental health etc.

A hair loss clinic such as a company called Hair Solved, also deals with non-surgical solutions – this means hair thickening and lengthening without the use of painful techniques of application. These methods are ideal for patients who dream of long and thick hair, but must instead patiently wait for their own hair growth. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t be fearful or nervous regarding the methods of approach used in a hair loss clinic. If a venerable clinic and doctors within are well-respected, then their work will be completely safe, and they won’t risk damaging your already weakened natural hair. Their judgement and final analysis is honest and accurate, but above all, legitimate – supported with great knowledge and expertise.

In case of the absence of hair, e.g. emerging bald patches or thinning hair, these can be covered with the use of surgical tapes. Adhesives and heat-based extensions shouldn’t be used to extend the hair strands. We have to let our natural hair grow by themselves, and be patient. After all, putting extra strain on our hair may cause additional and unnecessary damage.

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