Cure for alopecia – the basic information

 What is alopecia? Alopecia is a serious disease which can drastically change the way you look. It’s an autoimmune medical condition, during which your own immune system maliciously attacks your hair follicles (mistaking them for alien bodies). As a result, your hair becomes thinner, it stops growing and it even falls out excessively or sporadically….

Women hair loss – the treatments

Women hair loss – the examples All diseases have negative impact not only on our body but also on our mental state. Although, at first sight, it may seem that women’s hair loss isn’t a very serious issue, it can actually cause a lot of damage. Hair loss is known to have a huge negative…

Trichotillomania complications – the key information

 What is trichotillomania? Trichotillomania is basically a compulsive control disorder during which people harm themselves when dealing with or experiencing stressful situations. The self-harm comes in the form of an irresistible urge to pull out own head hair. The act of pulling out hair actually relieves a person from anxiety and reduces levels of stress….

Hair volume – add body and shine to your hair

Hair texture and hair volume It’s crucial to know the texture and shape of your hair, if you’re serious about taking care of your hair and keeping it healthy. Without knowing your hair’s texture, you can’t choose relevant cosmetics, treatments and procedures which would help you define your hair. This aspect is especially important if…

Frizzy hair – effective battle

 Frizzy hair – it’s causes and characteristics Our hair can actually cause us a lot of trouble and hassle. There are many reasons why that happens. Some hair related issues are connected with serious health problems e.g. diseases like alopecia areata or thyroid disorders. Those examples may cause substantial hair thinning and hair loss, and…